Top 4 Pool Maintenance Tips


Going to the pool to stretch and cool off on those hot summer afternoons is one of the life's best moments. However, fresh  water doesn't just happen, and one must put in the necessary effort to maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool. If you want to continue enjoying the cool, beautiful water without worry, here are four maintenance tips you must follow.

Clean the Pool

There are various components in every pool, and each of them should be cleaned regularly using the right swimming pool equipment. Apart from collecting leaves and debris from the water's surface a couple of times a day, one should also scrub the walls, floor, and stairs to ensure there is no buildup of oil and algae that can corrode the surfaces. It's also critical to clean the filter twice a week so that it can continue to work properly and circulate water regularly. Power washing the pool deck will also ensure no dirt gets into the pool and the surrounding area looks good.

Use the Right Chemicals

There is no way around it; you must use the right amount and type of swimming pool chemicals to keep a pool clean and safe. Sanitisers like chlorine and bromine must be used regularly to disinfect and sanitise the water, so it's safe for human skin. You should also pour an oxidiser every few weeks to kill algae and bacteria. If needed, you will need to use stain removers and filter cleaners where necessary.

Test the Water Regularly

Due to the natural characteristics of water and swimming pool chemicals, the alkalinity and acidity levels of the water can go up and down. High concentrations will irritate skin and eyes while low levels will allow algae and bacteria to thrive. The best PH level should be 7.2 to 7.8, alkalinity between 80 and 120 and calcium hardness between 250 and 450 ppm. Testing your water is very simple because you can just buy a kit at the pool store and do the testing at home every week so you can adjust the chemical readings by adding chemicals.

Maintain the Water Level

The water level should be kept above the skimmer at all times to avoid damaging the pump. Be sure to add water regularly using a hosepipe to replace water lost through evaporation and splashing.

Regular maintenance of a swimming pool ensures it is safe and ready for use at all times. Contact a pool contractor for regular tuneups and maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool.


4 October 2017

Making Sure Your Pool is Clean

Hello! My name is Peter but my friends call me 'Swimming Pool Pete'. This is because of my new obsession - my swimming pool. I had a new swimming pool installed in my backyard last summer. My family and I had a fantastic time swimming around in the pool all summer long. When the weather became cold and the leaves began to fall, I covered the pool and went inside. However, on the first day of spring, I was devastated to discover that the water in my pool had turned green. I called a pool guy who came over and he explained I needed to add chemicals to the pool to maintain the water quality over the winter months. I asked this man a million questions and I have taught myself everything there is to know about pool care.