Critical Questions to Ask a Shipping Container Pool Builder


The population of Australians living in a house with a swimming pool is approximately 2.7 million, according to recent research. Although inground swimming pools are the most common, they require extensive resources, including time, money, materials and space. Therefore, what do you do if you are short of resources? Well, you don't have to worry because shipping container swimming pools have become a thing today. Thanks to innovative builders, shipping container pools have closed the gap in pool ownership. First, however, you need to ask a container pool builder pertinent questions to know what you are getting into. This post highlights some of the questions.

Are Container Pools Built Onsite or Offsite? -- Typically, inground swimming pools are built onsite where a contractor brings all the machinery and materials for the project. Thus, it is easy to think that shipping container swimming pools are also built onsite. The belief stems from the fact that container swimming pools are easy and fast to construct. However, the opposite is true because shipping container pools are constructed offsite then delivered to a client's property. Therefore, a pool builder only needs to establish pool size and inspect the installation area. For instance, a contractor must consider supporting structures if you want a container pool to be the same height as an elevated deck. Establishing the required specifications is critical to delivering the right container swimming pool.

 Are Container Pools Customisable? -- One of the best things about traditional inground swimming pools is that they are very customisable. For instance, a pool builder can construct a heart-shaped pool with underwater benches or stools for the occasional pool parties. However, are shipping container pools as customisable as their in-ground counterparts? The simple answer is yes. Although the degree of customisation might be lower compared to inground pools, shipping container pools can easily be customised to accommodate your preferences. For example, you can ask a pool builder to cut out a section of a container's sides and install acrylic glass. You can also ask them to add an elevated relaxation bay on one end of a container pool. A significant advantage of customised container swimming pools is that you can easily sell them and recoup your investment.

Is Installation Difficult? -- As indicated earlier, container swimming pools are built offsite. However, installing the apparatus is not as straightforward, and a lot depends on accessibility. Notably, some properties are easily accessible than others; consequently, contractors must apply different machinery and strategies. For instance, installing a container pool on a property with limited access requires a crane to lift and place the facility from outside the property. On the other hand, installing the pool on spacious and open properties is reasonably easy with the right machinery.

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8 March 2022

Making Sure Your Pool is Clean

Hello! My name is Peter but my friends call me 'Swimming Pool Pete'. This is because of my new obsession - my swimming pool. I had a new swimming pool installed in my backyard last summer. My family and I had a fantastic time swimming around in the pool all summer long. When the weather became cold and the leaves began to fall, I covered the pool and went inside. However, on the first day of spring, I was devastated to discover that the water in my pool had turned green. I called a pool guy who came over and he explained I needed to add chemicals to the pool to maintain the water quality over the winter months. I asked this man a million questions and I have taught myself everything there is to know about pool care.