3 Features Every Luxury Pool Needs


If you are planning to construct a pool in the backyard of your luxury house, you will no doubt want to include features which make it stand out as a special place to swim. This article will explore some of the things you might want to include in the design of your new luxury pool. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Sun Shelf

Sitting by the side of the pool during a blazing Australian summer can get uncomfortable after a little while. You may start to feel a little bit too sweaty and hot when lying on a sun lounger. Incorporating a sun shelf into the side of your pool can provide you with a great way of cooling off without having to submerge yourself in the main pool. A sun shelf is a very shallow area on the edge of a pool which allows you to soak your feet or to splash a little cool water on your body without having to take a swim.


One fantastic way of making your pool look extremely cool is to construct a waterfall feature. You can either opt for a natural-looking waterfall which is covered over with climbing plants and rocks or you can instead choose a super modern and sleek waterfall with a glass back. Waterfalls can help to keep the water in your pool circulating. They are also super fun features which kids will love to mess around with and play in. If you want to create an added element of surprise, you could also add a small hidden grotto or cave space behind the foot of the waterfall.

Fibre-optic lighting

Rather than relying on small lights placed on the bottom of the pool, you can create a luxury experience by installing modern fibre-optic lights around the edge of your pool. This type of lighting can be programmed to change colour throughout the evening, creating a spectacular light show for anyone enjoying a late-night swim. Why not ask the pool contractors to install a remote control system so you can change the lighting while in the water?

If you are interested in finding out more about the different features which can be included in your luxury pool set-up, you should get in touch with a luxury pool builder today. A member of the team will be happy to talk about your plans for the pool.


25 November 2019

Making Sure Your Pool is Clean

Hello! My name is Peter but my friends call me 'Swimming Pool Pete'. This is because of my new obsession - my swimming pool. I had a new swimming pool installed in my backyard last summer. My family and I had a fantastic time swimming around in the pool all summer long. When the weather became cold and the leaves began to fall, I covered the pool and went inside. However, on the first day of spring, I was devastated to discover that the water in my pool had turned green. I called a pool guy who came over and he explained I needed to add chemicals to the pool to maintain the water quality over the winter months. I asked this man a million questions and I have taught myself everything there is to know about pool care.