Potential Problems You Need To Know About Before Installing A Glass Pool Fence


Glass pool fencing is popular among many of today's Australian pool owners because of their chic, modern-looking design. Therefore, if you are looking to create a high-end look in your pool area, a glass pool fence could be the ultimate answer. However, like other types of pool fencing materials, glass pool fencing are not completely problem-free. Here are a number of common problems you should know about before installing a glass fence around your pool.

9 October 2017

Top 4 Pool Maintenance Tips


Going to the pool to stretch and cool off on those hot summer afternoons is one of the life's best moments. However, fresh  water doesn't just happen, and one must put in the necessary effort to maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool. If you want to continue enjoying the cool, beautiful water without worry, here are four maintenance tips you must follow. Clean the Pool There are various components in every pool, and each of them should be cleaned regularly using the right swimming pool equipment.

4 October 2017

It's Clean, It's Safe, It's Absolutely Beautiful! The Natural Swimming Pool and Why It's Good for You


There is nothing more relaxing than cooling off in a pool in the Aussie heat. However, lingering too long in the pale blue water can take a toll on your skin and hair due to chlorine. Now, imagine a pool that keeps your skin, your hair and the environment healthy. Natural swimming pools are chemical-free, environmentally friendly pools that require low ongoing maintenance costs. Also, they are a healthy alternative to conventional pools.

3 October 2017

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Critical Guidelines on Using DIY Water Testing Kits


Water quality testing is an important part of maintaining your new swimming pool. In ideal circumstances, you should hire an experienced pool maintenance company for this process. However, this might not be possible due to financial constraints and even personal preferences. If this is your case, you can purchase home DIY test kits. These products usually provide accurate results if used correctly. Here are some crucial guidelines to help you use water testing kits.

26 September 2017